GAIA aims to showcase the core elements of Grecian culture.
Combining warm hospitality with intricate details and alluring aspects, GAIA creates a journey of discovery in each and every visit, enticing the explorer within. The homegrown food, beverage and lifestyle concept was born of a collaboration between Evgeny Kuzin and Chef Izu Ani.


Greeks believe that good company makes a meal taste even better. The magic of their cooking combines simple ingredients, memories, new ideas and the warm feeling of sitting around a table.

Sharing food is considered a therapeutic time of day where families can maintain their values and rituals giving them an opportunity to talk and reflect.


A masterpiece, one’s greatest work.

Inspired by the strong connection and spiritual bond with the sea, GAIA embraces life and tradition with its signature Ice Market. The fresh display features a premium variety of jewels from the blue. A simple, yet quality selection of fish, shellfish and seafood sourced from Greece and the Mediterranean Sea.

A bespoke experience, GAIA’s masterpiece fuels creativity, prepared and cooked exactly to preference.

In Greece, the sea flows into every area of life. The charm of the coastal towns, allure of the Islands and the beauty of the ocean brings people together.

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